Thursday, 31 March 2011

AnimationMentor is GO!...

Ok already my blog is lagging behind and I had promised myself not to let that happen!, I cant believe AM started nearly 4 days ago! There is so much information to take in I really dont know where to start.

Thankfully our first assignment is pretty easy going, we are just required to get to know the place, meet people and update our profile. Alot of people want to get stuck straight into animation but im thankful for this ease-in (see how i did that?) approach.

The mentor line up for class 1 this term is nothing short of phenomenal and I am extremely happy to tell you that my mentor is Anthony Wong! Anthony spent 10 years at Disney and worked on Tarzan, Mulan and Hercules to name a few and now works at Pixar where his work can be seen on Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3 and coming soon to a cinema near you.... Cars 2!

We had our first Q&A session on Tuesday afternoon and Anthony is such an amazing guy! He has a relentless passion for animation and his experience really shows through in how he explains things. I was extremely impressed to see that it was Anthony who animated one of my favourite scenes in Toy Story 3, that scene bieng Woodys bathroom escape!.

My class consists of 14 students which seems the norm for this term, I can't wait to see their work and get to know them all. Amazingly one of my classmates (Lars) has not only visited my hometown but he met his girlfriend here!. That is crazy, I would have been impressed if anyone in the whole of AM had even heard of Whitby let alone visited!

Anyway I had best get going i've got tutorials to digest!.

P.S - Rango ROCKS! well done ILM!!

P.P.S - Check out my friend Wests blog at , he updates regular (for now) and has some very interesting reads! well done West!!

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