Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Week 3! already?...

Time is passing fast and week 3 has come so soon! im already playing catch up with my blog updates! Last weeks assignment was to head into the outside world, observe life and sketch people. We were required to fill a sketchbook page and then from our sketches select a single pose to replicate with AMs Stu rig.

Heres what i came up with:

I've just recieved my critique from Anthony on this pose and its crazy how easily he spots mistakes and suggests improvements! I have to admit I could have tweaked this pose forever! in the end, even though I was far from 100% satisifed I had to force myself to stop and submit the assignment.

I would like to say ill post up a revised version taking into account my critque during the week but as its week 3 and I have a whole new assignment to work on I doubt ill find time right now. The guys who get to do AM fulltime are so lucky! i hope they realise it :).

Anyway I had best get back to my bouncing ball! - Adam

P.S If anyone has any Justin Bieber fan art please send it to Max at max-gariepy.blogspot.com he has severe Bieber Fever.

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