Monday, 11 July 2011

Class 2, Week2!!...

Well AM really isn't showing any signs of slowing up. It has continued how it began, fast!!!

Our assignment was to take our planning into Maya and work on blocking out our shot. This week really has hammered into my head that good planning make things so much easier when moving into blocking! I maybe should have known this already but this week it really seems to have clicked.

Its great to see more familiar faces around campus aswell, I maybe should have mentioned this before but just as I was about to start AM a fellow applicant (Pascal Zirn) started a facebook group called the EagerBeavers which is basically a hub for AM applicants to share ideas/thoughts and just about anything animation related. It's an awesome group and it really has taken of since day 1, it has over 100 members now.

This is how I already know a whole bunch of people who have just started Class 1 including Pascal himself. I highly recommend anyone who has applied for AM to join the group, I wish it was how it is now before I started AM it would be an awesome place to solve any worries or thoughts about all things AM!.

Anyway heres what I came up with, thanks everyone - Adam

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