Monday, 4 July 2011

Class 2, Week 1!!...

Here we go again!,

It only seems like yesterday was week 1 of Class 1, its crazy how fast the time went and even more crazy that I have managed to keep this blog going!, if it's of use for just one person I will call it a success.

I have to say I am totally gutted that my time with Anthony Wong is over I really could not have wished for a better mentor to kick AM off with, any future students who have the pleasure of being mentored by him are extremely lucky.

I found out who my new mentor was this week and I am happy to tell you that it is Chad Stewart. Chad has been an animator for the last 19 years with half of that time bieng 2d traditional animation and the other half bieng 3d. He recently ended his time working in the studio system and became a fulltime freelancer in order to spend more time with his family. He has an extremely impressive portfolio of work which includes Surf's Up, Open Season 2, Fantasia/2000, The Simpsons, Tarzan, Stuart Little 2 and The Polar Express to name a few.

We had our first Q&A on Wednesday and I have to say Chad seems like an amazing guy, I cannot wait to learn from him over the next 12 weeks.

This weeks assignment was to upload our progress reel for our new mentor to view and choose what our next shot would be that will be worked on over the next 4 weeks. We were also required to gather reference and plan for our chosen shot.

I would just like to say it's much appreciated to those of you who have followed my blog throughout Class 1 and I hope you continue to follow me through Class 2, that is providing that I manage to find the time to keep it updated, I understand a blog with no updates would suck! ill try my very best!.

I will save the embarassment and keep my reference to myself but I am more than willing to share my planning :), heres what I came up with, Thanks everyone - Adam

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