Monday, 26 September 2011

Class 2, Week 9, 10, 11 and 12!!...

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, I literally had no free time in the last few weeks of Class2 and it was pretty hectic as you can imagine!

Right now break week is about to finish and Campus is to re-open in roughly half an hour. I should have done a final pass over my most recent shot of class2 during the break but I really felt I needed to step away from the computer and have some time to relax. That involving many hours of playing Call of Duty: Zombies with friends, Dead Island and Dirt3 (on the Xbox360 obviously! xXMajestic12Xx) I also took a trip down to London which was Great! We really didnt want to come back.

The other day I heard on the grapevine that campus had re-opened early and I couldnt resist to see if the tip off was infact true, I managed to get on for a few minutes before it shut back down but I came away with the information I wanted... My mentor for Class 3 is Dana Boadway! Right now I dont know a great deal about what she has worked on but I have watched quite a few of her critiques from her previous classes at AM and she seems to be awesome! not that I expected anything less from an AM mentor.

Another reason for my lack of posts is that I wasn't happy with my work and really didn't feel like showing it. I have promised myself in class 3 that I will stop doing this because feedback is such an important part of the development and moving forward of a shot. I am also going to hand in my work atleast and hour before deadline, Its really not worth rushing it right upto the last minute/seconds and risking the grade penalty. My good friend West Decker is also on board for this one so if it doesn't work out it is entirely his fault, right West?...

Ok, heres my belated work from the last weeks of Class2, I will start with the BlockingPlus, then Splined and then my Class 2 Progress Reel which will include the final take of my most recent shot. Overall I am reasonably happy with the final results but there is still such a long long long way to go...., like really long. Thanks everyone - Adam

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