Monday, 18 April 2011

Week 3 comes to a close...

Yep thats right week 3 has now been and gone and I cannot believe it, where did that week go?!!

Our assignment was to plan and animate a bouncing ball in the flavour of either a soccerball or basketball. We were also required to sketch out some poses that expressed excitement and then pick a favourite and pose it out with the Stu rig in Maya.

My time management was much better this week and it made the week run far smoother than the previous. On top of that I also had a massive breakthrough with my sketches, not only did I enjoy doing them but I was also happy with the results, I even almost convinced myself that maybe I could draw a little bit!

The week was going great! I was happy with my work, then just before I was about to tweak my pose for the deadline today disaster struck and my NvidiaGTX 460 card decided its short life of 6 months was enough and issued itself with a cease and desist order.

Unfortunately for me this meant I had no means of updating my pose and had to leave my 1st attempt which I submitted mid week as my final submission, I wasn't happy but I would much rather have technical faults like that happen now than later in the course. For now im running my oldschool 7800GTX card whilst waiting for a replacement.

Anyway heres what i came up with this week:

Thanks guys - Adam


  1. I completely agree that your sketches this week are great. I am really impressed the arcs are a amazing and give your sketches a beautiful sense of grace.

    Despite your graphics card tragedy, your poses work really well.

    Great job, my friend.

    PS Oh and your bouncing ball is pretty sweet, too :)

  2. Wow I love the curves in your sketches... And your Stu poses look totally natural, that's just insane ;) I also noticed that the bouncing ball video plays a lot smoother on Vimeo and looks nicer... Did you export it in a different way or is it the AM uploader?