Sunday, 24 April 2011

Goodbye week 4, Hello week 5...

This week was all about timing and spacing, we had to animate both a heavy ball and a light ball and really concentrate on getting across the weight difference to the audience. There was no sketching/posing assignment this week so that allowed for a little more time on the balls which I was extemely thankful for!.

The lecture was probably my favourite so far and who better to learn about timing and spacing from than Pixars Carlos Baena! If you watch Spanish Buzz in Toy Story 3 you will soon realise Carlos definatly has timing and spacing down.

The week didn't get off to a great start as unfortunatly I missed my Q&A with Anthony on Tuesday due to a mixture of long work hours, bieng tired and having a memory fail!, what a nightmare. I was gutted to say the least but my peers rallied and made me some great notes from the their lectures (Thanks West, Kalle and Carolyn!).

After last weekends hardware disaster I RMA'd my GFX card and it turns out it had burnt itself out, im getting a nice new shiny one sent free of charge! my old card has done me proud this week! Hopefully by Wednesday everything will be back to normal.

Anyway heres what I came up with this week, Thanks guys - Adam

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