Sunday, 5 June 2011

Week 10, This time it's personal...

Couldn't resist this weeks post title, I've held back on the puns lately and had to let one go, it is the first stage of our last assignment in Term 1 afterall!.

Anyway this weeks assignment was to block out a personality walk of our choice in 50 - 100 frames. We also had to sketch poses showing exhaustion and as always pose our favourite out in Maya with the Stu rig.

Carlos gave us a cool lecture that showed us the importance of studying reference footage and how to utilize it for the best results. He also went over a bunch of other awesome, invaluable stuff that I wont go into.

Again I persevered with the Wacom tablet for my sketches this week and quite enjoy using it now im getting the hang of it, I've also created a custom palette of brushes in Photoshop that has really helped speed up my workflow. My Wacoms just a little A6 size Volito2 version and I was wondering if its any easier to use a larger A4 size one?, I'm half tempted.

This week I got a taste of how it feels to be burnt out, I animated pretty much all Friday night straight after work until 2am, then all Saturday night after work until 1:30am and it didn't help I was just recovering from a mid week cold. It resulted in a hellatious headache this morning but it was worth it as I was pretty happy with what I had come up with.

It was also a pleasant surprise to wake up to a working internet connection this morning and not having to cope with the extra stress of finding somewhere to upload my assignment.

Heres what I came up with this week!, Thanks everyone - Adam


P.S. AM's student showcase gets unleashed on Wednesday! Im so excited. If my good AM friend Kevin Taylors work isn't on it I'll eat my hat! He is an awesome animator and has been a huge help to me since the day I contacted him when I was considering applying for AM.

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  1. This blocking is really good. It almost feels like I'm watching an animation. The personality expressed is also really awesome. Will you be posting the finished one on Sunday?