Monday, 30 May 2011

Week 9...

So here we are, the end of week 9 and another busy week at AM.

This weeks assignment was to take last weeks blocking of the vanilla walk through to final. Sounds simple but couldn't be further from. I have probably spent more time on this weeks assignment than any other so far at AM, it seemed to be a never ending cycle of tweaking.

The main problem was keeping nice curves on all the body parts whilst preventing the knees from popping all over the place. Just when I thought it was all done I would recieve feedback and find that there was a problem in the foot rotation, this then meant I had to also alter the knees again, then I would find that the body needed a tiny bit more rotation which in turn would throw out the knees again, and so on....

The other part of our assignment was to sketch Stu to show concern and then pose our favourite out in Maya. This was probably the hardest so far for me as showing concern seems to be alot more subtle than previous assignments. I also took the advice from my mentor that I should bring my sketches 2 stages back and loosen them up making them less like illustrations.

I soon realised that for some reason I didnt allow myself to do this on paper so it was time to unleash the wacom tablet, I had no choice now to loosen things up because I had no experience and couldn't use one well enough to get the nice clean lines that I could on paper. Problem solved.

Apart from having no internet pretty much all day Sunday for the second time, everything went relatively well. The whole no internet Sunday is really annoying me now as it means I cant give any last minute feedback and I have to go well out of my way to upload my own work, my ISP needs to sort itself out!.

Thankfully despite my now usual Sunday internet drama and me being able put a stop to the tweaking I got there in the end, heres what I came up with this week, Thanks everyone! - Adam


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  1. Hii..I am anuj..Going to start AM in vanilla walk is nice..but i feel like you could give much more bounce to it..buts its k...the main think is that i feel as if the pose you made is out of balance....I would love to know wht your mentor suggest you about it....