Thursday, 30 June 2011

Week 12...

Week 12 already seems a long time ago! this could potentially be the most overdue blog post of the term yet its been one of the weeks in which I've had the most free time, how does that make sense?! Infact I have actually recently started Class 2 now but I'll do a separate post for that at the end of the week.

The truth is that during our break week I tried to stay away from the computer as much as possible. I think for most of us the week off was a godsend! It felt great to get a decent nights sleep and not have to stress over the weeks looming deadline, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy doing the assignment though!

I spent most of the time just chilling out on the afternoons during break week, I managed to get away for the weekend and had a great time, anyone who has me as a friend on facebook might have seen that I slightly over indulged in Krispy Kreme doughtnuts! Its great that they have made it over the pond and into the UK! lets just hope they do as well as Subway have and if I'm lucky we might end up with one closer than a 2+ hour drive away! Its just a shame I didnt have the week off work aswell really.

The assignment for our final week in Class 1 was to compose all of our shots together into a progress reel and fill out an end of term survey. This seemed pretty straight forward to me and I was looking forward to having an easy week. The so called "easy" week soon turned on me and transformed into a bit of a grind as I left things late and at the last minute decided to polish up a few of my shots, especially my personality walk.

Before starting at AM I put alot of thought into whether or not to also hold down a full time job. Now after completing Class 1 whilst working 6 days a week doing 50+ hours I am totally happy with my decision. I would highly recommend it to anyone starting AM to approach it this way.

The main thing I found was that it helps with your overall focus and really forces you to get your time management in check as you know that when you get home from work you really need to crack on with your assignment. Sure it adds to the overall pressure a little bit but the positives far outweigh the negatives, think of the money for one. You would sometimes find that students who didn't have a job tended to procrastinate a whole lot more and alot of the time were found handing in their assignments at the very last minute. At the same time there would be a student who held down a full time job that would have theirs handed in the night before. Obviously this wasn't always the case but it was great to see.

Anyway, heres my Class 1 progress reel everyone! can't wait to start posting up some new content in class 2! - Adam


  1. Your personality walk is great!

  2. Looking very good mate.

    It could also be the case that if you're in the situation where you need to hold down a job, then you'll appreciate how much money these schools cost it will sharpen your focus no end. I work and am at uni but am also starting iA in August. It's a massive help to know what you're achieving at AM whilst doing 50+ hrs a week.

    Thanks for the updates and looking forward to seeing you progres in Class 2 =)B

  3. Hey Adam. You always blow me away with your work! Everything looks so good.