Sunday, 1 May 2011

Week 5...

Ok I just realised my post titles are getting a little confusing, even im lost in the weeks and its my blog.

Seeing asthough I seem to be updating my blog every Sunday night just before the following AM week starts i'll start naming my posts by the previous week, so the past week has been week 5 at AM hense this posts title. Next week will be week 6.

This week was all about anticipation and squash and stretch! The lecture was headed up by ILM's Shawn Kelly who is known for working on a library of awesome films like "StarsWars", "Pirates of the Carribean", "War of the Worlds", the recently released "Rango" and upcoming blockbuster "Transformers: Dark of the moon" to name a few.

The assignment was to animate a ball travelling through an obstacle course using the principle of squash and stretch. We had a maximum of 120 frames at our disposal and were allowed to manipulate the obstacle course in any way we wished. Posing was also back on this week and we had to sketch and pose Stu to communicate devastation.

Luckily I didnt miss this weeks Q&A with Anthony and my graphics card turned up mid week so we're all back to normal!

We've been having a few bank holidays over here in the UK recently and an extra one on Friday for Prince William and Kate Middletons wedding so I took advantage and pretty much got the sketching and pose down by Tuesday as I knew this weeks animation portion of the assignment was going to be pretty tough!

Anyway heres what i came up with this week, Thanks guys - Adam


  1. mmmmmmm, nice.
    Liking the cartoony S&S on this.
    Excellent progress so far.