Monday, 16 May 2011

Week 7 Tails off...

This weeks post title really is weak isn't it, just doesn't have the same effect as last weeks. I should really work on them, atleast now they can only get better.

If you hadn't guessed already, this weeks assignment was all about Tailor, the cutest of the AM bunch and the one that every AMer wants as a pet.

Ok, so it wasn't exactly all about an introduction for the little guy, it was slightly more focussed on overlapping action and spline editing. Victor Navones kick ass lecture really helped with this, Thanks Vic!

The week got off to a great start! We had a special guest Q&A on Monday with a couple of animators from Blue Sky Studios who worked on the recently released "Rio". I havnt seen the film yet myself so I can't pass comment but from what i've seen on the trailers the animation looks Amazing! I cannot wait to see it.

I pretty much got started on my assignment straight away as I had a clear idea in my mind of how the piece would play out. Before I knew it, Friday had come around and I had only animated Tailors body. Come Saturday when I actually started to animate the tail my time managemental mistake soon dawned on me.

Even though I spent all day Saturday animating I was still extremely pushed to get it finished on Sunday for the deadline. It really didn't help my nerves waking up Sunday morning to find that the whole internet/phone system was down in my area. To my relief it was fixed with 2 hours to spare.

Luckily I did get my assigment finished in time and heres what I came up with this week, Thanks everyone - Adam

P.S. Check out my friend Jeroths blog at, hes showing some awesome improvement.

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