Sunday, 22 May 2011

Week 8...

The weeks are going so fast its crazy, I cannot believe we are 2 months in already!. Back in week 1 a student in class 6 told me the 18 months would fly by but I didn't quite understand how fast!.

For this weeks assignment we were issued with Ballie, a character who is basically a ball with legs. The idea behind it is to gradually introduce us into animating a basic character without having to worry about an upper torso/head/arms. The whole focus being on the legs/hips.

For the assignment itself we had to animate the blocking process of Ballie performing 2 cycles of a basic vanilla walk, no personality just your everyday walk. Along with this we had to do some sketches to convey strength and then pose out Stu in maya acting out our favourite pose. I really wanted to avoid cliche poses for my actual Stu pose but I sketched a few anyway for good measure :).

Thankfully the week went without any technical disasters and everything went well. As we only had to complete the blocking stage of our walk it gave me alot more time to cruise the campus and check out everyone elses work, leave comments and in turn recieve more comments, it really felt like I was making the most of the community for a change.

I think thats about all I have to say this week so heres what i came up with, Thanks everyone - Adam

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